She was one table away. I had a bladder full of pee. And panic set in when I realized I had no clue what I was going to say. I could only think about peeing. Every cocktail came out while I was halfway through the last, meaning there was a…


The maplewood floors smelled of fresh wax and old sweat

my eyes scanned the body of the room

the windows were about 4 tati’s stacked tall

The only carpet in the house was the front door mat

my shoes were sheltered with the others

the cold wood fogged below…

5-AM Shadow

I can’t open my eyes, but I’m sure that it’s about four in the morning because the dog that lives across the street has started to bark because Fred’s sprinklers are programmed to turn on at exactly the same time every single morning to avoid his newly installed Kentucky Blue…

This week I fell down hard and so fast that it felt like a weird Rick and Morty episode and the floor beneath me was melting and the screen was twisted and blurry and my head felt dizzy and pink and then… it was a still, clear image of me…

“You’re coming the 15th, right?” Richi quickly mumbled through his black, cotton cubrevoca. As general manager, he had to hover table to table, making sure every guest was pleased. Although it was his job to chit chat, I think he especially liked us and that it was our combined charm…

Its 2:55 in the afternoon.

At 11:55 I broke my own heart. She feels confused. Happy that I listened. Sad that I took something away. My mind is trying to console her, telling her she did a good thing and for the best reason: self-love.

“Self-love doesn’t omit pain” she cries

Then she sang a poem

My heart

heavy, but not grounded

I’m ready to disperse

seeds my soul founded

Its time to bloom

but first, I must weep

For change, she dances

deeming dismiss of my deepest demons

Evolution is certain

for I must remember

the fear of losing myself

is no longer my burden

its okay, I whisper. I have you.

Sorry Mom!!

Lets talk about getting high. Oof yes I said it and my mom would probably want to kill me after I share this, but unfortunately for her, I have dedicated my blog to being completely open, honest, and fucking REAL. Sweet Mary Jane was introduced to me my senior year…

It’s been a hot ass minute. But a lot has gone down in my life since my last post. Basically, I spent a week driving across the country to live in California with my boyfriend’s family for an unknown amount of time. We stayed in buses and yurts, ate sopapillas…

Letter From 11-Year-Old Tati

Last week was the last time I threw up my food. When I looked in my mirror, I hated the extra weight I gained in Spain that hugged my hips and melted into my thighs. My mind craved the shitty feeling of stepping onto a scale to see just how…

It was finally day 14. I was free. My bedroom reeked of used bedsheets and acrylic paints. I was out of wine. And I was fucking hungry. I spent the majority of my mandatory quarantine as time to rest, paint a little, and hope my dad would remember to feed…

Tatiana I. Bohorquez

The Survival Guide of a Latin Food Lover, Welcome to: Sabor a Mí

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